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  • 每間限2位成人使用,第三人使用需另外加收費用,最多可加一位成人$1000(13歲含以上)或兩位兒童$600/位(7-12歲)。
  • 請於預約時間提前抵達B1休閒中心櫃檯報到,湯屋僅為您保留 15 分鐘,若不克前來請務必提前來電告知,飯店保有取消當日訂位之權利。
  • 如使用票巻(例:旅展卷、電子票巻…等),請於備註填寫您的票巻種類,贈品票卷僅限平日使用,謝謝您的配合。
  • 使用票券,旺季每年10月至2月,平日須加價NT$200,假日需加價NT$400,平假日定義依酒店公告為準。
  • 湯屋使用逾時15分鐘以上將酌收一小時費用。
  • 各項優惠活動不得併用。
  • 湯屋恕不得累積Marriott Bonvoy積點活動。

Appointment Notes:

Each room is limited to 2 adults, and the third person will be charged additionally, $1000 for one adult (13 years old and above) or $600 for two children (7-12 years old).

Please arrive at the B1 R center counter to report in advance of the appointment time. The soup house is only reserved for you for 15 minutes. If you cannot come, please call in advance to let us know. The hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation on the day.

If you use tickets (for example: travel exhibition tickets, electronic tickets, etc.), please fill in the type of your ticket in the remarks, the gift ticket is only for weekday use, thank you for your cooperation.

If the Bath house is used for more than 15 minutes, a one-hour fee will be charged.

All discounts cannot be used together.

Baht houses are not allowed to accumulate Marriott Bonvoy point activities.


Party Size & Date