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【南極冒險展 x 一起去南極 Bar】

冒險精神是一種態度, 存在於人類的每個大計劃裡,也存在每個人生活的細節。 數萬年前,人猿祖先踏出冒險的一步, 離開了熟悉的非洲大陸,促進了人類文明的發展。 這一步,讓我們得以開始工業革命,能夠登上月球探勘火星, 而不只是在東非一隅活動的猩猩。 冒險精神是與生俱來的,流竄在每個人的身體裡,身處機會與資源變化劇烈的時代,我們該喚醒心中的冒險DNA,跨出屬於自己的那一步。

The adventure spirit is an attitude. It’s in every grand project of the human history as well as in the mundane details of everyone’s daily life. Tens of thousands years ago, the first modern humans set out the first audacious step, leaving the acquainted Africa to foster the development of human civilization. This step initiates the possibilities of the following Industrial Revolution, moon landing and the exploration of Mars, far beyond the outreaching of East Africa. We are born with the adventure spirit. It’s time to evoke the adventurous DNA in this dramatic changing era, and to set out the adventurous step of one’s own.

【開放時間 Opening Hours】

週一至週四:11:00-17:00 週五:11:00-18:00 *遇國定假日休展* Monday to Thursday:11:00-17:00 Friday:11:00-18:00 *Closed on national holiday*

【參觀辦法 Visiting】

免費參觀。 每整點開放 30 人,線上預約優先制,剩餘名額開放現場登記。 Free tickets. Maximum number of visitors per hour: 30 people Visitors without online booking will have to wait for ticket availability on site. It is recommended to book your tickets online in advance.

【導覽服務 Tours】

1. 週一至週五 11:00 定時導覽。

2. 10 人以上團體參訪皆有導覽服務。

3. 每場導覽約 30 分鐘。

4. 其他特殊參訪需求,歡迎來信assist@gamaniacheerup.org。

1. Regular guided tours start at 11:00 and 14:00 from Monday to Friday.

2. Any group of more than 10 people will be offered guided tours.

3. Every tour will last about 30 minutes.

4. Email assist@gamaniacheerup.org for other tour requests.

【一起去南極 Bar 飲品兌換 Free drinks in the Bar For Adventurers】

於每周五下午三點至六點參觀南極冒險展並現場打卡,即可兌換南極系特調威士忌飲品。 Check in "南極冒險展 x 一起去南極 Bar" on Facebook, to get one Special Drink for free.

【備註 Memo】 如貴賓有想順道拜訪的橘內人,請於備註欄填上姓名與分機。

If there is any Gamania employee that you would like to pay a visit, please fill in the name and the extension of the person in the Memo column.

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